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NAME: Yokie Licious.


BIRTHDAY: 11th April 1989

CHURCH: Faith Community Baptist Church


School: Temasek Polytechnic: Information Communication

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My list is abit impossible at times... but I always dream big =x

  • New HandPhone
  • Everlast Hoody
  • Levis 519 Jeans
  • Silver Converse Shoes
  • Far East Plaza Pointed Front Black/White Shoes
  • Tiffany Dunks Cap
  • PS3
  • Sony Earphones
  • Nintendo Wii
  • New Bling Bling
  • Hand Accesorry
  • Mac Air Laptop
  • Own Digi Cam
  • Ipod touch
  • 2008 West Mill 1st Anniversary Silver edition
  • Original Fake X Head Porter Bag
  • Levis 512 Jeans Straight Cut
  • White Jeans
  • Black Cargo Pants
  • Stable job
  • Learn Piano/Keyboard
  • Music Lessons
  • To Be A Singer
  • Study University

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    Saturday, May 01, 2010,11:37 AM


    Hey, sorry for not updating for such a long while. As much as I want to, but the weekends are really hard to come by once u're in army and the week is really packed tt i can hardly find any empty slots. But i'm still taking an effort to blog now.

    I can't really update much on how's life in army, there's alot of things, and also alot of things that I am not allowed to mention. Lol. But basically, I've jus finished my first week of BMT, and I'm already inside for 2 mths. Time flies.

    All I can say is army really strengthens a person physically and mentally, so in some way, they always say there is a growth.

    The growth isn't very significant for me in terms of mentally, becuz the things I went thru inside, are probably things I already went thru outside before, but definitely physically, I've become a bit more conditioned, though I still feel very tired now and den tsk. But it really depends on how mature a person is already, before he enter army. No, I'm not saying tt im very mature but im jus being honest in my opinion. Lol.

    However, during the 2 mths I've been wif these bunch of ppl, many times when we wanted to give up, many times we get screwed together, and times when we breakthrough together, but we still pushed on, and manage to succeed together. I am proud to see tt during tough times, we are able to influence and bring others together with us with our attitude, during the tough times to push together. We may come from different culture, understanding, races and background, but we all have one objective in common, and that is to protect and serve the nation.

    They say that in Tekong, it will be the best time in ur army life, and I think so too, from all the PT, SBA, SBB, Route marches, outfield, rifle range, SOC, Grenade throwing etc, these are moments tt we won't forget. If not for these ppl, I wouldn't be the darker and skinner Yokie now. Lol. I definitely will miss the ppl when I POP in 2 more mths.

    The new batch of enlistees has jus arrived these week to join us, and to those hu are enlisting soon, all I can say is, good luck, you can do it, serve our nation proudly. (:


    Friday, March 05, 2010,3:51 PM

    Show me the love peeps ;)

    I wanted to blog a post, but I realise by the time I finish my supper with Annabel, its already 2.22am. Lol.

    Nonetheless, I still want to tell all of u ppl. Thanks for showing love, thanks for catching up, meeting up, thanks for getting me stuff, thanks for the blessings, thanks for the realli late and surprising smses, or even the surprising supper wif Annabel. LOL. Many stuff. Appreciate it alot.

    Two weeks is nth, and 3 yrs in TP is nth, so wad more is 2 yrs in army? I'll be out in no time before u even noe it. Before tt, pls keep me in prayer about my aims and goals in life, and support me. Thanks (:

    Will miss all of ya'll, I'll take this time in army, as an opportunity to spend time wif myself for once, just for myself, to be able to think, without the consideration of other ppl or factors, and to be able to handle things at a slower pace unlike when I'm outside now, and aiming for wad I wan in life.

    I may not be the best looking, may not be the most talented, may not be the richest, may not be the loveliest person on earth, but I thank God, I have been blessed with many good relations with people and friends in my life, and I thank God for the many opportunities, and experiences in life I've went thru in life, enabling me to learn so many stuffs and open up my eyes to see the world and mature my thoughts even at this stage. (:

    C u all in 2 weeks!


    Monday, March 01, 2010,10:02 PM

    Dewini, Mad Jacks

    5 more days till I enlist, 4 more days as a civilian.

    I've manage to meet up a few of Dewini people on Sunday. Was really happy to meet them cuz its been a while since I last seen them and its been ONE YEAR, since I've seen Miaozy! Lol.

    So am very happy and touched by the fact they have not forgotten my enlistment, and the love is still around. Thanks.

    Thanks Ah Pek for the pouch that he got me too, for me to use in army. Haha!

    Before that, I actually had service, cuz I didn't go on Sat, since I had relative's visiting on Saturday at Boon Lay.

    And after service on Sunday, I travelled from expo, all the way to Boon Lay again on Sunday, jus to meet them for lunch. Lol. It didn't feel very long in my opinion, though it took around 1 hour. lol.

    Was suppose to meet at 12pm, but my service ended around 12pm+, and by the time I reach there, its about 1.45pm. Samuel and Esther had to go off already by then, though I manage to see them too before they went off.

    Went to settle for food court since they already ate before tt. Had chicken rice, cuz I wanted to have one more taste of chicken rice, before I head in Tekong in case I forget how it tasted like. =x and they ordered dessert.

    I really liked this, it was Lee Kiang's (:

    Straight after we had rode the mrt all the way to Joo Koon cuz we wanted to see how the place was like, den travelled all the way to Town for movie session. Had a great chat wif Lee Kiang on the way in the mrt. (:

    Thanks for the support and jiayous, sometimes I wished, there were more ppl lik u arnd, where we can really jus hv a mature chat, and share wad we think, and sit down, and really bother about each others life, and den encourage. (:

    While waiting for our movie, we slacked our time at Ya Kun. And I must say the French, Cheesy Toast is ultra delicious.

    This is really good. I think Sally let me tried it once while we were at Ya Kun last time, tts y I wanted to try it again when I tried hers the first time rd.

    I jus realize, changing your tea/coffee to a can of cold drink, costs jus 10 cents more. Lol.

    Caralyn came to find us too afterwards, but shortly, they had to leave, since they were gg to visit relatives too.

    We watched Valentines Day.

    Look at that amazing casts

    In my opinion, I really liked it. Maybe becuz I have a preference for chick flicks, family oriented show, humor, love shows etc. The cast was great as well.

    Anyway, we manage to take a pic of this while I was at Pet Lover's Centre at plaza sing!

    So cute right!? They looked like they're kissing. Lol. I really miss keeping a hamster, even tho its a short while. oh well..

    After that, we waited till 10pm for Ah Miao to finish her work.

    In the meantime, Weiqiang called me from Thailand! It was actually quite hilarious at first, becuz he tried calling me as early as afternoon when we haven't watched a movie.

    But becuz it didnt occur to me he would call me, so when I saw that my phone has an overseas number, I didnt pick it up, becuz I tot it was gonna be some SCAM call, like u noe, telling u, u would win some lottery or stuff likdat.

    And I kept hanging up on him, and den he tried calling on sth else, and the caller id put BLOCKED. So I was like, BLOCKED!? 100% Scam already.

    Until he sms me and told me, that it was his number and tt sms costs 60 cents jus to tell it was him. =x Calling only costs him less den 1 cent/min since he is using international card. =p

    Anw, was really happy catching up wif him. Good tt he still rmbed me at Thailand. =p

    Had a good chat with him, and den we met up Ah Miao after her work.

    Joke, she said after 1 yr of not seeing Yuan Jian, she forgotten his name. =x

    Afterwards, we all headed home by catching the last MRT and Bus.


    Had a great time meeting up Anson, Miz, and Sally as well. And my new friend! Gary! lol. From the same church too.

    They wanted to meet me up before I go inside army, initially, our original plan was to go Clark Quay, but becuz Miz couldn't come since she needs to go back to TP for project, we decided we were gonna meet her on her behalf! so we went back to TP.

    I made cookies on that day for them. Hoped they liked it. (: Manage to meet my niece as well in TP. Her exams just finished.

    After Miz finished her project, we went Mad Jacks to eat, since tt was the original plan by Sally if Miz was coming.

    My new friend, Gary

    This is how Miz listens on the laptop or her mp3. =p haha.

    Anson took this, while I was taking as well. Im still thinking shld I upload the front shot =x

    Model sia

    Anson looked better likdat =x

    Anw, once again, thanks ppl for meeting me up before I go in. Glad meeting u guys up although there were alot of last min changes here n there. But it was a great time of fellowship nonetheless. Thanks.

    Which is quite funny, cuz tts not the last time we're meeting, we're still meeting up on this coming wed at Clark Quay, cuz apparently, Sally wans to treat me, and she blames me for not giving her an opportunity to treat. -.- lol. And tts how we're meeting tis wed.

    Meeting my niece and cousin tml. I wanna hv a good time wif them tml. ;) I wanna make full use of my last week before I go in and set out wad I wan to accomplish.

    Gonna go for prayer session at Touch community chapel this wed and friday. I'm gonna stay and pray for 6 hours session for this week instead of the standard 2, to make up for the 2 weeks confinement, i'm gonna miss.

    Will meet up wif Vivian on Friday too, the last day before I enter, at her chalet, becuz her bday celebration starts on Sat. One final look before I go in.,

    Maybe some of u nvr really tried praying tt long, but when u are in the presence of God, time flies realli fast. (:

    And I'm glad tt I had a great chat wif Eunice today. Glad I could bless and advise her. It helps me in my growth as a cell leader as well, as I learn to serve ppl. ;) Pray for me too. (:


    Thursday, February 25, 2010,12:11 AM

    Lunar New Yr Updates

    Yep, I'm back to update. Quite alot of updates, I guess I'm gonna mesh everything into a post again. lol.

    Anyway, the week has been pretty hectic, yet surprising. I was surprised the first day of this week, I saw Shun An at Tiong Bahru bus stop. Lol.

    Initially, I couldn't really recognise him but he just seemed familiar, but as we got closer, he kept looking, so I was like, "confirm already la" and we said Hi. lol. I guess he's there to pass his friend sth.

    Hectic becuz last week and this week, I've been out everyday, except for today becuz I insist on staying at home to take a break instead. Or else, I was suppose to go out.

    Prayer at touch chapel tml, 40 days of prayer to prepare for the good harvest on good Friday. Tml will be the start of the first 2 hours session for me, 10am - 12pm. The chapel opens 24 hrs, and each session requires at least 12 ppl to go. So its quite interesting to noe tt, in the wee hours of 3, 4am, there are ppl still praying in church while we're sleeping. lol.

    My enlistment has been pushed back 2 days later to 6 march, probably becuz of the release of A level results, so every1 is required to enlist earliest on the 6 only, which is good. It means, I only need to go thru exactly 2 weekends and I can come out already.

    Although its a pity, cuz Vivian's bday, falls exactly on the day of my enlistment. =/ And as I'm planning my 21st today, I realise catering is so ex, CHEAP catering is abt 10 dollar PER HEAD, and if I have about 50 or 60 person, tts 500 or 600 MINIMUM. Normal is about 15 - 20+ per head. -.- Lol. Hope I can get the confirmed attendence soon. Dowan to overpay for it.

    So hw's every1s new yr? New yrs been good for me. Lotsa visiting (still visiting this sat), visiting frens' hse and lotsa catching up before I go in.

    Julia flew off on the first day of new yr to Aussie. Manage to send her off (:

    Visiting at frens' hses

    And relatives..

    Not forgetting, Train's 21st

    We manage to accomplish wad we wanted to do, and that is the demolition of Train's underwear as promised.


    Go check out the vids on facebook if u're interested. I better prepare for my 21st too. =p

    and of cos, random catch up wif frens..

    such as the totally random encounter wif Annabel & Shuangying @ Dao Huay after my swimming

    And the random KTV session wif Eunice, Chia Fong and Eunice's friend (can't rmb name)

    and a couple of nice shots wif my specs they're playin wif, and Eunice's shades tt i wore lol

    See, I always said I can bring out Girl's stuff. lol

    My specs is a girl's 1 too btw. lol

    The random gathering of my frens wif my mum at River Ang Bao (No, thats not my Mum, its YJ's gf. lol, We didnt take any fotos on my fone at river ang bao, so fotos nt uploaded. tis is the only 1 at dinner I took.)

    Taken wif my Asus nettop.

    and lastly, not forgetting, swimming wif Nigel again on Monday and not forgetting...

    Nice Jap Food at a restaurant to end off the day! (:

    Really good, not too filling too, and quality good. (:

    And of course, wad nice way to end of the day, shopping at Ben Shermans' at Paragon ;)

    and I'm so excited going into Army. Army shld really have more ppl who're excited to protect the nation. =p Haha! Whatever it is, its good to have a goal and aim, rather den drift 2 yrs in army, thinking tt its jus a 2 yrs ting to go thru. Its good to plan for the future.

    One day, I will share wif u ppl, my beautiful dream. (: