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NAME: Yokie Licious.


BIRTHDAY: 11th April 1989

CHURCH: Faith Community Baptist Church


School: Temasek Polytechnic: Information Communication

Friendster: Here


My list is abit impossible at times... but I always dream big =x

  • New HandPhone
  • Everlast Hoody
  • Levis 519 Jeans
  • Silver Converse Shoes
  • Far East Plaza Pointed Front Black/White Shoes
  • Tiffany Dunks Cap
  • PS3
  • Sony Earphones
  • Nintendo Wii
  • New Bling Bling
  • Hand Accesorry
  • Mac Air Laptop
  • Own Digi Cam
  • Ipod touch
  • 2008 West Mill 1st Anniversary Silver edition
  • Original Fake X Head Porter Bag
  • Levis 512 Jeans Straight Cut
  • White Jeans
  • Black Cargo Pants
  • Stable job
  • Learn Piano/Keyboard
  • Music Lessons
  • To Be A Singer
  • Study University

  • Shout It Out!

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  • Angel [x]

  • Adele [x]

  • Angeline [x]

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  • Alouis [x]

  • Brandon [x]

  • Candy [x]

  • Chia Fong [x]

  • Chin Teck [x]

  • Clarissa [x]

  • Celeste [x]

  • Chris [x]

  • Danny [x]

  • Dolyce [x]

  • Edna & Vivian [x]

  • Edna [x]

  • Eragon [x]

  • Eunice [x]

  • Eileen [x]

  • Elizabeth [x]

  • Eve [x]

  • Eric [x]

  • Esther [x]

  • Felicity [x]

  • Gah Wai [x]

  • Germaine [x]

  • Guo Qiang [x]

  • Han [x]

  • Hannah [x]

  • Huiru [x]

  • Ivan Sim [x]

  • Ivan Tan Pan Yew [x]

  • Jasper [x]

  • Jessica [x]

  • Jia Jun [x]

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  • Yingen [x]

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    Saturday, May 01, 2010,11:37 AM


    Hey, sorry for not updating for such a long while. As much as I want to, but the weekends are really hard to come by once u're in army and the week is really packed tt i can hardly find any empty slots. But i'm still taking an effort to blog now.

    I can't really update much on how's life in army, there's alot of things, and also alot of things that I am not allowed to mention. Lol. But basically, I've jus finished my first week of BMT, and I'm already inside for 2 mths. Time flies.

    All I can say is army really strengthens a person physically and mentally, so in some way, they always say there is a growth.

    The growth isn't very significant for me in terms of mentally, becuz the things I went thru inside, are probably things I already went thru outside before, but definitely physically, I've become a bit more conditioned, though I still feel very tired now and den tsk. But it really depends on how mature a person is already, before he enter army. No, I'm not saying tt im very mature but im jus being honest in my opinion. Lol.

    However, during the 2 mths I've been wif these bunch of ppl, many times when we wanted to give up, many times we get screwed together, and times when we breakthrough together, but we still pushed on, and manage to succeed together. I am proud to see tt during tough times, we are able to influence and bring others together with us with our attitude, during the tough times to push together. We may come from different culture, understanding, races and background, but we all have one objective in common, and that is to protect and serve the nation.

    They say that in Tekong, it will be the best time in ur army life, and I think so too, from all the PT, SBA, SBB, Route marches, outfield, rifle range, SOC, Grenade throwing etc, these are moments tt we won't forget. If not for these ppl, I wouldn't be the darker and skinner Yokie now. Lol. I definitely will miss the ppl when I POP in 2 more mths.

    The new batch of enlistees has jus arrived these week to join us, and to those hu are enlisting soon, all I can say is, good luck, you can do it, serve our nation proudly. (: